Wooden trestle

Wooden trestles. Mostly used for painting or preparing wallpaper for your new home. The designer wanted to see a new kind of trestle for the use in modern homes. Given material? Any type of wood that matched the design.

Function needed to stay only a modernization was needed.

The design includes two ellipses. One front and back. 26 Staves then hold these ellipses together. The entire model is delivered flat and is easily assembled with the use of screws. A table board can be pushed in through the staves and can be supported by either a mounting on the wall or table legs.

This wooden trestle can be used in different heights, handy for either small or large people. By adding extra boards through the staves, you can use the trestle for much more than just a table.

Oak was chosen as a final material. The look and feel it gives to the table is warm, modern and durable.


Material: Oak

Size: 50 x 80 x 100 cm

Year: 2014