Re-design of a Bauhaus 100 year poster.

For one of my favorite art movements, a poster was chosen to be redesigned.

From the beginning I had a clear idea in my head as to what that would be.

First step: Find the best colors to be used, and the eye-catcher of the posters.

Second step: Trying out different layout and font ideas.

You can find the testing layouts below. The final version can be seen in the mockup.

Size: 60 x 90 cm

Year: 2020

LVDL – Post Bauhaus – Moodboard
LVDL – Post Bauhaus 20x30_final_Tekengebied 1
LVDL – Post Bauhaus 20x30_final-05
LVDL – Post Bauhaus 20x30_final-04
LVDL – Post Bauhaus 20x30_final-03
LVDL – Post Bauhaus 20x30_final-02